What Are the Prospecting Tools for Business in 2023?

Are you looking to ramp up your prospecting? Then it is time to deploy the latest prospecting tools on the market to find and contact leads.

How will people find prospects today, and what tools will be used to do so? You can use the most powerful prospecting tools to give you all the important information about your prospects. So, if you’re serious about growing your business, you should use some tools here.

What Are the Prospecting Tools for Business

In this article, we will explore 6 amazing tools that will supercharge your sales team and help you win new customers in 2023!

1. SignalHire

SignalHire is an incredible prospecting tool that can pull the direct number, email, and even social media profiles from a company website or LinkedIn profile. Simply install the company’s Google Chrome extension, open a LinkedIn profile and tap the extension. Instantly, this LinkedIn email address finder will reveal the prospect’s direct contact details.

SignalHire also has an incredible 650 million strong database filled with B2B contacts. You can search via name, email, company, position, or even local area. This database is constantly updated and is filled with accurate direct contact information for employees from every company imaginable.

By avoiding gatekeepers and getting in direct contact with your prospects, you will see a massive rise in your conversion rate. You will no longer have to worry about playing endless phone tag, leaving voice messages that never get heard, or sending emails that not even the admin team will look at!

If you want to effortlessly get in touch with decision-makers and start having meaningful conversations with prospects, use SignalHire to get their direct email and phone number!

2. Crunchbase Pro

Crunchbase Pro helps you find and close deals faster! You can search Crunchbase’s amazing list of companies using advanced search parameters to instantly find prospects that fit your ideal customer profile. Even better, Crunchbase will recommend you prospects based on your location, previous searches, and other actions you have performed while using the tool. These insights can save you hours manually searching for new leads!

Crunchbase Pro lets you keep track of your competitors by showing you similar companies to your own and revealing what they are up to. And if you need some help getting in touch with decision-makers, Crunchbase Pro will provide you with alerts when a prospect is in a position to buy and help you craft pitches and emails.

Crunchbase Pro saves you time prospecting while also providing you with strategic insights that can improve your sales team. And don’t worry; all of the data on the platform is CCPA and GDPR and integrates with your favorite CRM.

3. Overloop

Overloop will quickly turn you into an outbound maestro! Overloop is a comprehensive multi-channel outbound platform. With this sleek tool, you can create amazing prospect profiles, build lists, engage with prospects through automated campaigns, visualize your entire sales pipeline and track your performance.

One of the best features of Overloop is its ability to automate your LinkedIn prospecting. This incredible tool can automate profile visits, connection requests, and even direct messages. Instead of wasting hours every day trawling through LinkedIn, you can get Overloop to handle everything and then just focus your precious time on connecting with engaged prospects.

Numerous top companies, including Amazon, DocuSign and Zillow, and more use Overloop! If you want to start automating lots of prospecting tasks and truly run an advanced multi-channel outbound campaign, try out Overloop now!

Prospecting Tools for Business

4. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo has one of the best B2B databases on the entire planet! This highly accurate data makes connecting with important decision-makers a walk in the park. Over 30,000 businesses, including PayPal and Unilever, use ZoomInfo’s data and insights to close high-value customers every day.

ZoomInfo has over 150 million verified email addresses and over 65 million direct dial numbers. This tool lets you track buyer intent by revealing what companies are searching for solutions that your company offers. This tool will also track all of your website visitors and allow you to easily connect with them so you can pitch engaged prospects.

ZoomInfo also helps you improve your sales performance by tracking calls, meetings, and emails so you can track everything! And shorten your sales cycle by adding ZoomInfo’s world-class chatbot to your site so you can quickly talk to customers and show them just how great your products are.

ZoomInfo is one of the most comprehensive sales prospecting tools out there. With so many features, there are so many ways this tool can revolutionize your prospecting process and bring the best out of your sales team.

5. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is an amazing lead-generation tool that will help you uncover hidden leads. This nifty prospecting tool is currently used by top companies, including Hertz, Bauer, and Eventbrite.

Leadfeeder allows you to instantly identify the companies browsing your website and convert them into leads. This tool can take anonymous site traffic and put a name and face to it.

Leadfeeder will reveal the exact behavior of these companies when they are interested in your site so you can quickly find out what they are interested in and their motivations. This information is incredibly valuable as it ensures your salespeople can prepare custom crafted messaging that will pique the interests of prospects.

If you are struggling to find new leads, it is time to try out Leadfeeder. This tool excels at finding hidden leads and identifying companies that you never knew existed that are perfect for your products!

6. Smith.ai

Smith.ai allows you to effectively outsource your prospecting and lead building. Smith.ai lets you leverage the power of 24/7 receptionists who can do everything from scheduling appointments to qualifying leads and generating leads to running demos.

Smith.ai’s team of virtual receptionists excel at outbound and inbound. They can take care of every sales cycle stage for you, from prospecting to closing. They use industry best practices to find the perfect customers for your business and create a conversation. Smith.ai’s team also can effortlessly hand the prospect off to you and let you close the deal!

If you don’t have the time to manage your own sales team or are looking for some experts to take over your prospecting, reach out to Smith.ai and learn more about their services.

Final Thoughts

To make your prospecting more efficient and effective in 2023, you need to use the latest tools. Here are our picks for the best prospecting tools in 2023:

  • SignalHire
  • Crunchbase Pro
  • Overloop
  • ZoomInfo
  • Leadfeeder
  • Smith.ai

All of these tools will save you time through automation and increase your lead lists and your conversion rate by helping you achieve best practices and providing actionable insights.

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