6 Steps to Clean Your Office Systematically and Maintain it Clean

Many tasks you can’t do in your normal working hours. Probably your brain work likes crazy even at the weekends. You think about your business, your customers, your partners, your employees… So, you need a productive environment to succeed as an entrepreneur. So, clean your office if you want to be more productive.

There are many things for the next week. There are unfinished tasks, new tasks, meetings… But, you can do one, only one project for the weekend that will make you a much better and more organized entrepreneur.

6 Steps to Clean Your Office Systematically and Maintain it Clean

What can you do for you and your small business this weekend?

This weekend project I propose to you is to clean your office.

The office where you work is an important part of your entrepreneurial life because you spend a lot of your time there. Many tasks you as an entrepreneur accomplish on an everyday basis will rely on your closest environment – the office where you spend your work time.

If you try only one day to work in a clean and well-organized workspace, you will never again want to work in your current environment because you will be a more productive and more efficient and effective entrepreneur. The quality of your everyday work will rise with exponential growth.

What you can make as your weekly project to clean your office:

Step #1: Papers on and around your desk

Check different papers on and around your desk. Ask yourself for each piece of paper do you really need it and for what reason you will need it. Everything you will need in the future, sort it in the best way to find it in the future. Let’s do everything you will need to be in the proper place.

Everything else you can throw away into the trash. In such a way, you will clean your office from worthless papers.

Step #2: Categorize your office to make it clean much easier

According to your daily activities and daily habits as an entrepreneur, you need to divide your office into different categories. You need categories for different things you do or that you have and use for your daily work.

You can use importance for categorization, or you can use some other context to make categorization. The categorization is important to know that there is a place for everything, and everything is in its own place.

Step #3: What are the most important movements you make in your office?

Think about your movements and different categories of things from the previous step. You will need to place different categories of things at your office according to your most used movements.

The things you use the most will need to be close to you. In such a way, you will not lose your time in finding and using it. So, when you clean your office, you need to have this in mind.

Step #4: Be sure that your desk will have only important things.

On your desk, keep only what you need most when you work. Everything else that you need only once or twice weekly place it somewhere else, not at your desk

Step #5: Use Inbox for things that will need to be processed

Use the same analogy from your email Inbox. If you don’t already use it, use Inbox for unprocessed stuff in the form of an incoming paper at your office.

Step #6: Cleaning procedure

Think about your and your employees’ cleaning needs and habits and build a reliable plan and system to keep your office always clean.

Dragan Sutevski

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