How to Build Your Marketing Calendar for the Next Month

One of your entrepreneurial tasks is to market your business on the best possible way as you can. But, marketing becomes the more and more complicated task for an entrepreneur. You will need a marketing calendar if you want to succeed.

There are too many tactics that you can use for effective gaining, maintaining, and grow your customers. Some of them will work, but some of them probably will not give you the results that you want to achieve.

If you as an entrepreneur want to succeed, you will need to be enough clever when you plan and implement your marketing plan. That means you will need to continuously improve all your marketing activities.

One tool that can help you in these efforts is a marketing calendar.

Step #1: Look at your past experience

Yes, start looking at your past experience and especially at different marketing tactics that you have been using in the last period of time.

Probably you already have some experience with different marketing tactics for your small business, and this experience is the best starting point for your new marketing calendar.

Think about each of the tactics and the results that you have achieved with them.

Step #2: Decide what you need to continue and what you will need to stop using.

When you already have basic knowledge about your past experience with different marketing tactics you can simply decide what you need to continue and what will need to be discarded.

you need a marketing calendar

Step #3: Brainstorm new marketing tactics that you can start using.

Now, in this step, you can expand what you have already used as your marketing tactics. Find the best places where your creativity is on the higher possible level and brainstorm what you will use in the future to gain, maintain and grow your customer’s base.

Step #4: Download your marketing calendar template.

When you already have a list with the potential marketing tactics that you can use next month, you can download the marketing calendar template. This template is designed to help you in measuring your efforts, track your costs, improve your marketing efforts, and stay focused for the best possible results.

Step #5: Fill in all marketing tactics and other things in your marketing calendar template that you have already downloaded.

You can start filling all of the marketing tactics that you have already brainstorm in the first two steps and continue to fill other columns for each marketing tactic that you will use in your marketing calendar.

Step #6: Start with the implementation.

Because you already have your marketing calendar for the next month, you can simply start with the implementation according to the time frame that you have filled in your marketing calendar template for each tactic that will be used.

Step #7: At the end of the next month check the results.

When the implementation will come to the end, your job will be to check several metrics that you will fill in your marketing calendar template. This metrics will tell you whether some tactic can be classified as successful or not.

Step #8: Repeat the process for the future months.

When you finish with the analysis of the results of the implementation of your marketing efforts described in your marketing calendar you can simply repeat the process again from the first step.

Question: Do you use the marketing calendar and how it looks?

Dragan Sutevski

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