5 Steps to Discover Your Customer’s Secret Desires

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Do you know your customer’s secret desires? Everyone has different types of secret desires. Your customers also have their own secret desires. As an entrepreneur, you need to know your customer’s secret desires.

A secret is something that one person keeps unknown and unseen by other persons. If two people will know something, it isn’t a secret at all. But how can you discover your customers’ secrets when they will not allow you to know them?

In this post, I would like to talk about the possibilities that you will have if you want to work on discovering your customer’s secret desires.

Why You Need to Know Your Customer’s Secret Desires

First, look at why you need to know your customer’s secret desires.

  • When you discover your customer’s secret desires, you will better meet their desires related to their problems and needs, for which your business sells a solution.
  • When you discover your customer’s secret desires, you will quickly become a trustworthy person for your customers.
  • When you discover your customer’s secret desires, you will always be one step ahead of your competition.

Now, because you know why you need to work on discovering your customer’s secret desires, we can continue with tactics that will help you succeed.

5 Tactics to Help You `discover Your Customer’s Secret Desires

1. Open Conversation With Your Customers

Always try to build an open conversation with your customers. You will know more about your customers if you talk regularly with them. Knowledge about your customers will help you in predicting their future desires regardless if they are secret or public desires.

2. Know Their Behaviour

Follow and analyze their behavior. You can’t learn everything about your customers with direct conversations. Because of that, you will simply need to take one step further, and when you are talking to them, always follow their behavior and learn from their body language. There are many secret desires that you will discover.

customer's secret desires

3. Ask them about Their Desires

Simply asking them about their desires regularly sometimes will bring you results. Another way to discover your customer’s secret desires is to start asking them regularly about their wants and needs, and a proper analysis will tell you about their possible secret desires.

4. Put Yourself in Their Position

Put yourself in their position and think about possible secret desires you will have. Try to be only one day in the shoes of your customers and think like them, work like them, breathe like them, and make everything that they do regularly on their average day. You will discover many secret desires when you put yourself in their position.

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Look around yourself and always try to discover new trends. Everywhere around you, there are many trends that can tell you many different things about your customers. One of the possible things that you will learn when you are systematic about the trends around you will be the different secret desires of your customers.

Question: What are you using to discover secret customers’ desires?