Learning Will Only Increase Your Business Potential Energy

Learning Will Only Increase Your Business Potential Energy

Learning is an important entrepreneurial activity, but it is not something that will guarantee the success and results for your small business. You will need many other things if you want to count on everything that you have learned.

Often, I have seen many entrepreneurs who jump from one to another learning topic, trying to learn as much as possible. But, even I do not have anything against learning; I can’t pretend that I am not seeing the negative consequences from such a large focus on learning. Learning is important and that is the fact, but learning as only learning doesn’t mean anything for entrepreneurs.

The real results and business success will require much more than just learning.

Why! Simply because:

Learning will bring you new knowledge.

You can read books, newspapers, and different offline and online articles, and one fact is that you will increase your knowledge about the topic that you have read. So, by reading books, newspapers, articles, passing different pieces of training, or different courses you will increase your knowledge and that’s some totally new potential for you as an entrepreneur.

New knowledge doesn’t mean that you will automatically have new competence.

Competencies are simple collections of your knowledge, your skills, and your attitudes about something. So, the success in something related to the topic that you have already increased your knowledge will also require skills to implement that knowledge and use it in your future activities and totally new attitudes that will be based on that knowledge.

New knowledge can have a potential to increase your skills and attitudes but only partially.

This is because the knowledge can be based on learning, but skills and attitudes will need to be practiced. If you don’t implement the knowledge already acquired the knowledge you can’t expect that your skills and attitudes will be on the level that can guarantee success for you.

All earlier said simply bring us to the conclusion that learning new things will increase the business potential energy in you as an entrepreneur.

On the other side, business potential energy in you as an entrepreneur isn’t something that will bring for sure the results for your business because it is only potential energy with the potential to bring you the results.

So, you will need business kinetic energy.

Business kinetic energy is something in which your business potential energy will be transformed and will do the job for you and your business.

So, you will need to start doing things.

Everything that you have learned will need to be transformed into doing, experimenting, and improving the workflow and processes that you will implement because of specific learning. Doing, experimenting, and improving will transform business potential energy stored in you as an entrepreneur in the business kinetic energy and in such a way will bring the results that you want to achieve.

In order to present that learning is not the most important entrepreneurial activity, I have related learning to the theory of business potential energy developed from myself in the last five years.

Question: Do you have a process in place that helps you in doing things that come from the learning process?