Entrepreneurial Skills as a Source of Business Potential Energy

In the previous blog post related to managerial skills, I have described skills as knowledge to do some activities or tasks. Managerial skills are knowledge needed to do managerial activities or tasks. On the other hand, entrepreneurial skills are knowledge to do entrepreneurial activities or tasks.

Entrepreneurial skills are the third business element that we talk about in the 10 basic business elements with business potential energy.

How You Get Necessary Skills

How you can become an entrepreneur with as many as possible skills? To answer this question related to entrepreneurial skills, we need to see how you can get any type of skills.

You can become a more skilled person through:

how you get entrepreneurial skills

Your inborn skills, or talent.

Everyone is born with potential talent for some type of skill. Some individuals can be good artists, and some can have excellent abilities for scientific learning.

This is a starting point. The basis from where each person starts building any other skillsets.

Home education.

Your native skills can be increased with your in-home education or behavior. Parents teach children about the skills that are necessary to prepare them for adulthood. The culture and the way of doing things inside your family will also help in improving your own skills.

Educational system.

Through school and college, you get different skills that prepare you to become a person with some type of specialized skills.


These are skills that come from your earlier work. Every new day at work or life is some different type of experience that increases your knowledge for something related to what you have experienced.

Your Entrepreneurial Skills Aren’t Something That Will Help You Forever

As you can see, the whole of your life you have the potential to increase your skills. But, are your skills once obtained for always something important for you and your small business.

new and lost entrepreneurial skills

Why You Are Losing Entrepreneurial Skills?

The state of losing entrepreneurial skills is logical because of the following things:

The time frame of your entrepreneurial skills.

All skills are designed for a specific time frame. Before 30 years, there weren’t requirements to have the skills to work with computers. Something that you know today, maybe will not be important for tomorrow.

Scientific progress.

Science is developing so fast that you cannot follow easy today. Scientific research and discoveries impact the global trend on the person’s and business’ life.

Development of new technology.

With the development of science, there is the fast development of new technology. Production capacities are different now than they are before 20-30 years.


There is a possibility your competitors to follow trends about required skills, so your skills will lose value and become obsolete.

As you can see, your entrepreneurial skills are a source of business potential energy. But they are not the source for a lifetime and these entrepreneurial skills easy can become undervalued and obsolete. Because of that, you as an entrepreneur must find different ways how to fill the tank with water – skills continuously.