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How To Pick The Best Short Throw Projector For Business Use

short throw projector

Technology shouldn’t sound like a concept that only scientists and geniuses will appreciate. In fact, when used in practical and easy-to-understand ways, the right technology can improve the way company executives grow their businesses. It also has the potential to provide the best customer experience.

For instance, this may sound like a simple task to do, but finding the best short throw projector for corporate or business use may not be as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, this quick buying guide should lead you towards getting the best possible short-throw projector that will boost your business operations.

The Value of Using the Best Short Throw Projector

If you’re not convinced that a short-throw projector will do wonders for your business goals, check out these reasons for choosing the perfect projection system for your company:

  • Enhancement of presentations: When done right, a good short-throw projector can drastically improve how you conduct meetings or present a sales pitch. That’s because the best projector produces breathtakingly clear images.
  • Smaller space required: Compared to conventional projectors, a short throw variant is designed to display huge images – as big as 100 feet – even if it’s only a few feet from the screen where the pictures are projected
  • Flexible installation: Because of the way short-throw projectors are designed, you may either put the projection unit on top of a stable surface or install it onto the ceiling.
  • Modern technology: Most short-throw projector models in the market today are already equipped with the latest technology in picture quality, power efficiency, and lamp life. If you buy a short throw projector today, expect its tech build to last for years.

Buying Tips for the Perfect Short Throw Projector For Your Business

Planning to buy your own projector for company meetings and product presentations? Here’s a list of factors to consider:

Ease of Use

You probably don’t want to fumble overturning the short throw projector on or adjusting its settings during a corporate meeting. Make sure that the projector you’re eyeing to purchase is easy to set up, convenient to connect to your source device, and friendly to users who aren’t too tech-savvy for projectors.

Lamp Brightness

Another factor that you need to watch out for when scouting for the best short-throw projector is brightness. Projectors are available in a wide variety of lumens ratings, which denotes the level of brightness that a projector can produce.

If the area where you intend to use the projector is dim or dark, a low lumens rating may suffice. However, rooms with ambient lighting require a projector with a capacity of at least 2,000 lumens.

Lamp Life

Speaking of lamps, most projectors these days are designed with a longer lamp lifespan. Aside from the actual build of the lamps, some projector models offer an EcoMode setting, which can further prolong the life of the lamp. In addition, it will also allow you to save on power, which definitely sounds good from a financial standpoint for any business.

Room Size

Before you go out and buy the latest model, make sure to measure the size of your room. This will come in handy when you’re looking at the throw ratio, which refers to the distance from the projector lens to the screen where the image is projected.

Small rooms will definitely need a short-throw or ultra-short-throw projector. In principle, though, the same kinds of projectors will also work amazingly in large areas such as home entertainment centers or workplace conference rooms.


Conventional projectors have VGA and HDMI ports at their very basic construction. However, most of the short-throw projectors available today have multiple connection ports available. Some of these include DVI, USB, micro USB, and AV ports, among others. If you get an older projector, you can get an HDMI to USB converter.

Meanwhile, some projector products are equipped with wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth and WiFi. These features eliminate the need for wires and cables. Say goodbye to wire management and port incompatibility!

Companies are always out to get the best results with the optimized set of resources available. By using a perfectly priced short throw projector, businesses are expected to impress clients and rake in a significant amount of sales and following.

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