Case Study – Cosmetics Retail Store Blogging for Business

In the previous post, I write about 10 small business blog topics that you can publish on your business blog when you use it as a marketing weapon. Here, I want to give you some case study about blogging for a business blog.

The business as a case here is a cosmetic retail store company that sells cosmetic products in the traditional retail store. Additionally, the company has a brand new online store. The idea of the entrepreneur is to use a business blog as a marketing weapon to increase sales in both physical and online stores.

The owner starts their own business blog and makes the list of possible topics that she will write in the next month. She uses the following list:

1. Products.

For the first blog post, she selects three different products. They are mascaras, shadows, and glosses. After selection of the products, she writes about different characteristic and benefits. These are already three different business blog posts. In one she writes about the characteristics of the mascara and how that mascara solves the problems with short lashes. In the second post, she writes about the characteristics of a shadow and impact that users can have with that specific shadow. In the third post, she writes about gloss characteristics and how much glossy will look their lips.

2. Industry.

She chooses to write three different posts about the cosmetic industry. The first post will be about cosmetics industry trends. The second post will be something general about cosmetics and toiletries and the third post will be about beauty.

3. Expertise.

The entrepreneur chose to write two topics about her own expertise. The first topic will be about how to apply mascara for a long lash effect. In the topic, she will give some step by step tutorial how readers can apply mascara that will make their lashes longer. With this post, the entrepreneur exposes their expertise in cosmetics and makeup techniques. The second topic will be about how to apply powder foundation where he will explain the 5 steps for applying that type of foundation. The entrepreneur of this cosmetic store wants to make 2 different “how to” posts every month.

4. Experience of satisfied customers.

This entrepreneur asks every satisfied customer to write one testimonial about experiences with different products that they use and are satisfied. If she doesn’t have testimonials, she will ask her friends or somebody from family to tell her about the experience. She chose one testimonial and post to a blog once monthly.

5. Customer problems.

The entrepreneur knows that there are too many customers that have problems with acne and want to write one blog post about that problem. She chose to write a business blog post about how to solve acne problems.

6. Video presentation.

The entrepreneur wants to publish one video that will be 10 minutes long every month. The videos will show how-to techniques. She decides to make one video that will show 5 steps on how to apply powder foundation that she writes in the experience post.

7. Survey results.

Previous month she made a survey about what is the most wanted cosmetic products and receive interesting results. She wrote the post about the results and gives some own opinions and future steps that she will get.

8. Current events.

The entrepreneur this month goes to a seminar about makeup secrets. There, presenters show to the audiences how to use proper cosmetics for healthy skin. She wrote a business blog post about some aspects she learned from the seminar.

9. Answering questions.

In one of the previous business blog posts, the entrepreneur receives a question from a reader about what type of mascara is better from two different types. She writes the blog post as a comparison between two types of mascaras.

10. General blogging.

The entrepreneur chose to publish one blog post every month about everyday life. She wrote a post about music that decreases stress.

Now the entrepreneur of this cosmetic store has 15 blog posts ready to be published in one month. That means updating the business on every 2 days with one new blog post. It is a good amount of posts for business blogs. As an option, you can hire professional writers who will provide you with business case study help on any topic.

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