10 Ways How to Keep the Best Employees and Reasons Why They Can Leave You

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Have you lost some skilled employee previously in your business? Why did they leave you when you invest too much money and knowledge in them? Was it because of better salary or because your small business doesn’t treat them in the right way.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. You need to remember this.

Here I will try to give you some tips on how you can keep the best employees.

Employees are the heart of your business. You can have good employees, and also bad employees. However, there is a danger that good employees can leave you. In such a situation, your business as a whole and you as an entrepreneur will lose. You will need to find new employees as a replacement that is not so easy process.

While for the bad employees you don’t care, for the good employees you will care because if they leave you, they make your business weaker in many different aspects.

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Some reality with smaller businesses is that earlier or later the employees will go. An interesting point is that employees without skills will want to hide and stay forever in your business. And on other hand employees that were good and skilled at doing their job in the right way, will leave your business.

If this reality continues without prevention, you will continue to lose good employees and increase the number of non-skilled employees. This situation will decrease your business potential energy stored in your skilled employees that will lead to losing a large amount of business potential energy for the whole of your business.

So, you need skilled employees who take initiative while they are working. Let’s start with the reasons why the best employees leave businesses.


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But, why the best employees leave you, and the worst stay with you?

If you want to keep the best employees, you will need to start with the reasons why they can leave you. When you know the reasons, you can use different strategies to keep the best employees. Only in such a way you can keep the efficiency and effectiveness of your company on a highest possible level.

There are many reasons for employees that leave businesses. One of the most important things is that they don’t establish good business and personal relationship with the business, entrepreneur or manager.

Another reason is that they are not satisfied with the salary that they receive as a return for their work.

The reason can be also if they are not satisfied with the working environment where they are working. If we go further we will find too many reasons for their leaving.

You, as an entrepreneur, must react and prevent possibilities your most important employees to leave you. You need to do everything that you can do, to eliminate these reasons and ensure that these employees will continue to be part of your business. This is one of the most important things they need to do for entrepreneurs and managers.


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10 Ways How to Keep the Best Employees

Here, I will share 10 possible ways that you can use to keep the best employees in your company.

  1. When you choose your employees you need to think twice before you make a decision.
  2. Offer them more money. Let’s be real. The money is a most important motivating factor for each employee. Why must you pay bad employees? Short their salaries and give that part to skilled and important employees.
  3. Be loyal to them in good days and they will be loyal to you in bad days.
  4. Help them to do the job in the right way, from the first time.
  5. Try with the promise that you will give them more money when your business will pass the bad days.
  6. Be honest with them.
  7. Give them rewards for the excellent job accomplishments. Sometimes the rewards can be only some sweet words. Develop the bonus plans for your best employees. Everybody wants bonuses. Use bonuses as some type of rewards for the best employees.
  8. Give them the free day when they need it. In such a way you invest in possibilities to ask for additional work when you need it.
  9. Think about the jobs that need to be done, with your employees in your mind. Jobs for which employees don’t have knowledge or jobs that are uninteresting and boring can be resistant to the employees. Allocate employees at jobs for which they have competence. On the other hand, make all jobs to be interesting and not boring for the employees.
  10. Emphasize team building. Sometimes the relationship between team members is more powerful than other relationships in the business. Team thinking can have a big influence on the team members.

Why is so important to prevent the leaving of skilled and competent employees?

Firstly, your employees are most important part of your business. They are here, before your products or services, before your technology, before your processes, before your activities… Without them, nothing from these will happen.

You will not have products and services without your employees. Your processes will not work without employees. Without employees, you cannot use your technology, and you cannot perform your business activities.

Another look at the importance of each skilled and competent employee is that you have invested time and resources in an employee. When they leave you earlier than you get a chance to refund your investment, you must start all over again with the whole staffing process. In this way, you lose your time, and you lose your money invested in the employee. Your time and money presents are business elements that have potential to store a large amount of business potential energy.