6 Tips on How to Bring the Best Possible Ideas on the Table

business ideas development for best possible ideas on table

Running a business without fresh ideas can be similar to running a business without important resources. As an entrepreneur, you really need to bring the best possible ideas on the table, to be used in your future or existing company.

Yes, you can’t find a company that has survived without the best possible ideas. The biggest of today’s companies in the world survive only because they have always fresh ideas that were implemented when they need to be implemented.

Here, I would like to talk something about possible ways that you can use for yourself to always have fresh business ideas ready to bring on the table when they will be needed.

1. Start with your own biggest competence.

Your competencies are your own knowledge, skills, and attitudes that make you different from other people around you or your potential market. Where are you the best? What you can do easily that is really hard for other people? What is your biggest knowledge about what?

2. Look what’s happening in the field of your own biggest competence in the market.

Now when you know your biggest competence is, it is the right time to spend some day on the market. You want to see what are the biggest problems, needs or wants that exists on the market and your competences can solve or satisfy them.

3. Talk with your future potential customers.

The best possible ideas for your future or existing business will come directly from the mouth of your existing or potential customers. You need to talk to them. You need to start asking your customers about their feelings, their thoughts, their needs… The only true answers about this will come only from them.

4. Build your own listening system that will continuously bring fresh ideas directly from the market.

Talking and asking customers isn’t a one-time process that will start and finish. If you want to build something really sustainable, you will need a strategic approach. You will need your own listening system that will enable you always to have the right answers directly from your target market.

5. Start and never stop experimenting.

Yes, running a business simply means running an infinite set of experiments. If you are not experimenting, you will not know what is right and what is wrong for you and your business. Experimenting is one of the most useful processes that will increase your own knowledge and experience in the Sam time giving you the most important ideas that need to be implemented in your company.

6. Write your daily journal on the everyday basis.

Talking with customers, listening to them and many experiments will bring you so much information and ideas in your brain that it is simply not possible to collect them all. Because of that, your daily journaling habits will become one of the biggest sources of your ideas mixed with your thoughts about them in the time when you have written them.

Question: How you are brainstorming different ideas for your company? Do you have some specific process in place?