77 Business Improvements in 77 Days

Business improvement is the basis for competitive advantage. The most successful businesses are businesses that are different today from yesterday, and tomorrow bring something new and in that way make today always to be better from yesterday.

In this post, you can find the list of 77 items that you can improve for 77 days. Of course, the list is not final, we can go with more fields for improvements. However, it is limited to the 77 most important elements.

You can use at once, but my recommendation is to use it in cycles. Start from the first day and finish with the last day, but then go back again from first day. In such a way, you can have a company that will be difficult for someone to copy. So start improving.

77 Business Improvement in 77 Days

77 Business Improvement in 77 Days

Business idea

Day 1: Creativity

First place where there is always something for improvement is to increase your creativity.

Day 2: Communicate the idea

You are not alone and the idea would not be only for you if you realize it. Communicate the idea and get the improvements of that communication.

Day 3: Community

The idea must be communicated with your community where you or your company is. This is an important element of the process of creating and implementing ideas.

Day 4: Prioritization

You will have many ideas, many projects but, with different priority. You can improve the process of prioritization.

Day 5: Plan the Implementation

Many good ideas are not transformed into successful businesses due to lack of one thing – implementation.

Day 6: Process of implementation

The idea might be great, but if it is not implemented in the  right way, the whole process would be pointless.

Day 7: Leadership

Who is the leader, the person who will lead the whole process?

Day 8: Implementation Capacity

What is capacity of the implementation of ideas? Can you increase that capacity?

Business Plan

Day 9: Previous Experience

Check previous experience with planning and find the biggest failures.

Day 10: Forecasting

Quality forecasting is the basis for good planning. Improve the whole forecasting process.

Day 11: Knowledge

Business planning requires knowledge, find as much as possible sources of knowledge that will improve the process.

Day 12: Business Model

Start with the design of a business model, then incorporate it in the quality business plan.

Day 13: Goals

What do you want to make with a business plan? The goals are the basis of any planning process and something that can always be improved.

Day 14: Graphs

Business plan is a graphical presentation of business figures. With one view, you can see the necessary improvements.

Day 15: The Purpose of Business Plan

Who is the purpose of the business plan? Do not attempt to satisfy all parties with your business plan.

Day 16: Interesting

Do the business plan is interesting or boring?

Day 17: Reality Instead Optimistic

Business planning process requires to be realistic, do not foresee or set goals too many optimistic.

Day 18: Me, Me and Me Syndrome

Check out where you use it and try to avoid it!

Day 19: Looking to Competition

You can always find opportunities to improve your view of the competitors.

Day 20: Perspectives

Choose a perspective through which will be directed your view, improve it and just go ahead!

Day 21: Implementation Plan of Your Business Plan

You must have one implementation plan. Improve it apply it.

Day 22: Evidence

Make sure that all the numbers and facts are drawn from proven and consistent sources of information, rather than from assumptions.


Day 23: Financial Sources

Look for possible financial sources and improve them!

Day 24: Cash Flow

Look at the graph of cash flow analysis of and find elements that can be improved.

Day 25: Cash Flow Skills

Improve your cash flow skills through a different knowledge sources on the issues.

Day 26: Costs

Believe it or not the costs are something that always can be improved.

Day 27: Break-even Analysis

Make a break-even analysis and see what, where and how to improve something.

Day 28: Profit/Loose Projections

Look at profit/loose projections and consider how to improve profit or how to make losses to become profit.

Day 29: Total Income/Expenses Rate

What is the relationship between total income and expenses and what you need to do to increase that relationship?

Day 30: Return of Investments

What is the return of investment in your business? How can you improve it?

Day 31: Net Income/Total Investments Rate

What is the relationship between net income and total investments and what you can do to increase that amount?


Day 32: Organization

Organization is the basis for increased productivity. If you improve the organization you will also improve the productivity.

Day 33: Planning

Plans can increase personal and business productivity. Improve your planning process if you want to improve personal and business productivity.

Day 34: Systems

Business systems enable faster execution of the same thing at the same period of time. There is always space for improvement.

Day 35: Personal Life

Improve your personal life and you can see the difference in business.

Day 36: To-Do Lists

To-Do lists are useful tools in increasing productivity.

Day 37: Constraints

There are always personal and business constraints. Find and eliminate them to increase personal and business productivity.

Day 38: Outsourcing

What can be done in the form of outsourcing that will increase business productivity?

Day 39: Employees

Business productivity is based on the employee’s productivity.

Day 40: Management Systems

Business productivity depends on the management systems used in your company.

Day 41: Information Systems

Real information in real-time, to the right person will help to complete more work.

Day 42: Learning System

Knowledge gained through a good learning system will increase business productivity.

Business Processes

Day 43: Organize the Unorganized

There is always something in business that is not organized properly.

Day 44: Systematize the Business Processes

Systematization of business processes is the basis for future improvements that will bring competitive advantages.

Day 45: Technology

Use your technology at the optimal level.

Day 46: Input/Output

You can always improve the transformation of the input into the output.

Day 47: Business Model

The business model as a basis of any company always can be improved.


Day 48: Marketing Plan

Create better marketing plan. Read more about marketing plan in Better Marketing Plan – 5 Questions & One Table.

Day 49: 4P

Product, promotion, place and price as elements  of a marketing mix can always be subject to improvement.

Day 50: Marketing Weapons

Each marketing weapon always can be improved.

Day 51: Marketing Calendar

Check, compare, analyze and redesign your marketing calendar.

Day 52: Call to Action

Call to Action is one of the most important elements of any marketing weapon that has an enormous impact on the success of a whole marketing campaign. Improve it if you want to increase efficiency and effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.

Day 53: Segmentation

Use tools such as RFM formula and analyze demographics against activities of customers.

Day 54: List of Customers

Check, compare, analyze and redesign your list of customers.

Day 55: List of Potential Customers

Check, compare, analyze and redesign your list of potential customers.

Day 56: Blog Design

How can be improved your blog design?

Day 57: Website Design

How can be improved your website design.

Day 58: Marketing Campaigns

You can always make a better marketing campaign than the previous one.

Day 59: Online Strategy

Online strategy becomes one of the most important strategies for a business. Any improvement means the overall business improvement in the same time.

Day 60: Attention, Reputation and Trust

Improve attracting attention to your company and in the same time build a better reputation and to trust.

Day 61: Additional Service

Improve additional services that you offer to the customers.

Day 62: Know Your Customers

The consumer is the most important person in your business world. If you have a better knowledge about them, you will have better relationships with them.

Day 63: Urgency

Improve elements that make a sense of urgency.

Day 64: Benefits

Improve benefits that your products and services offer to your customers.

Day 65: Credibility

Improve the overall credibility of your business.

Day 66: Offer

Improve your offer to be in terms of customers. Your offer must be based on the target market not on the wishes of the entrepreneur.

Day 67: Social Media

Improve your presence on social media.

Day 68: SEO

Optimize your web site and blog to the search engines.


Day 69: Sales Funnel

Improve your sales funnel. There’s always place to make something better.

Day 70: Sales Funnel Entrance

Increased entrance means increased likelihood of higher sales.

Day 71: Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the rate of transformed potential buyers who entered in the sales funnel into the buyers. This measure is expressed as a percentage of total input and there are always possibilities for improvement.

Day 72: Average Sales

Improve the average amount of sales from one customer.

Day 73: Duration of the Sales Funnel

Reduce the duration of the sales funnel process.

Day 74: Sales Team

The sales team is the persons that finishing every sales process, let it be more convincing.

Day 75: Sales Team Knowledge

Sales team with a better knowledge about your products and /or services always can be increased. However, they are in direct contact with your customers.

Day 76: Smile

Improve the smile on the face of your sales team. Do not hold people who do not know how to laugh.

Day 77: Explanations

You can always make a better explanation of the features and benefits of your product and /or service to the customers.