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15 Business Virtualization Tools That Will Simplify Your Operations

business virtualization

Business virtualization means that your company can become a virtual or partially virtual organization. Therefore certain operations in your business will operate without the presence of yourself or one of your employees. For example, you can attend a virtual meeting instead of an actual physical meeting as a part of your business virtualization process. Here I would like to share 15 different business virtualization tools that you can start using today.

Every day on the market comes to some new technologies that can find a place in your business. Business processes are becoming more and more complex, so you need to use as much as possible business virtualization. As you pass through the next stages of the life cycle of your business, the complexity of the work is more significant. It requires a different collaboration, outsourcing, virtual employees, and offices.

We can not stop the trends of business virtualization if we want to stay on the path to success. These are trends that facilitate the operation of the business and increase the effectiveness of your business processes.

Here, are 15 tools that can help your business to utilize global business virtualization processes and become a more virtual company.

Business Virtualization: Communication/Collaboration

Gmail – One of the best email services. There are more integrated tools to organize your emails and tool for text and video chatting. You can be connected with your messages wherever you are.

Skype is a tool that has changed the world. With voice, video calls and chat systems, file transfer and conference calls, Skype has become a tool entrepreneurs must use. With additional tools, you can record video from the calls and save your video calls.

Google Groups is an application you can use in creative ways for business purposes. You can use the groups to work on different projects where more people will share ideas, comments, and suggestions. Also, you can use them to inform employees or groups of customers about various business news.

Google Docs, in a new edition, gives particular attention to cooperation between a group of people. Now, more people can work on a document at the same time.

Business Virtualization Tools: Photo/Video/Audio

YouTube is a video-sharing site that allows you to upload your videos and easily embed those videos on your website or blog. Your task is to make a video about your product or service or to show your expertise.

BlogTalkRadio is a social radio network that allows users to host their radio programs and connect quickly and directly with their audience. Through telephone and computer, you can create a free radio program. You can record the show and can use it on your blog or website.

Burst – Burst offers free stock photos for personal, educational, and commercial use. Browse thousands of photos and check back frequently as new ones are added weekly. With Burst, you get stunning, professional photography for your business that is non-copyrighted and without attribution required.

Canva – Besides the opportunity to use Canva to create beautiful designs and documents, you can also use it to find millions of high-quality stock photos to create beautiful designs. You can use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and different layouts to design, share, and print business cards, logos, presentations, and more.

business virtualization tools

Business Virtualization Tools: Data Warehousing

Adrive – This is a web application that allows you to store files from your computer to its servers. If you have reduced the space on your hard drive, you can release up to 100 GB of space using Adrive. On the other hand, you can access your data from anywhere if you have a computer and Internet connection.

Dropbox is another place for the safe storage of various documents. The free version is limited to 2 GB of space. Sync enables all your data can be accessible by your mobile phone or computer with an Internet connection.

SugarSync is a tool for online backup, file sync, and sharing service that lets you stay connected with your documents, music, photos, and videos. You can get up to 100 GB of data across an unlimited number of devices for $7.5.

✋ Warning

Before you make a decision, ask yourself these three questions related to your data.

Business Virtualization Tools: Productivity

Google Calendar is a Google tool that allows you to set up your meetings or activities. It can send you a reminder about your activities on your email, or SMS on your mobile phone.

SurveyMonkey is a web application that will allow you to design online surveys, to spread them and analyze data from them. The free option restricts you to 100 responses and ten questions per survey.

Evernote is a tool that can help you in increasing your productivity about your ideas or events that are important to you, and you want to remember something to use in the future.

✋ Warning

As an entrepreneur, you will always need to improve your business productivity. Therefore follow these six steps to start increasing your business productivity.

While the initial versions of these tools are free, you must first create a strategy that will answer what you need and how to use it. So, quality strategy and the use of these tools can facilitate your business life.

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