8 Painless Ways to Sell More to Existing Customers

As an entrepreneur, you will always have goals to sell more to your existing customers.

Sometimes you can find yourself in a position when you don’t know what to make. If you continue with excessive pressure, you will risk losing some of your current customers. On the other hand, if you don’t try to sell more, you will lose your business.

Because of that, sometimes these activities can be very painful for entrepreneurs.

The solution to the problem is in the right balancing in your offerings with which you want to sell more.

Let’s see some possible ways that can help you to sell more to your existing customers, without risking losing them.

#1 Know Your Existing Customers

Do you have enough knowledge about your existing customers?

Do you know their names? Do you know when is their birthday? Do you know what they like, and what don’t like?

This is only a small part of the questions for your customers you need to know.

Each company is in selling business. Furthermore, each company is in the marketing business. However, also in today’s world, we can simply say, and we will not make a mistake, that every business is in the intelligence business. You want to know about your competition. You want to know about your existing and potential customers. You need that knowledge (intelligence) if you want to make the right decisions.

But, the question is about selling more to current customers, and if you want to sell them more, you need to have more knowledge about them. Everything else will be based on that knowledge.

#2 Make Irresistible Offer

The basic business law is that businesses offer something and customers decide if they need something from that offer.

If your offer to sell more is irresistible you will succeed in selling more.

Think about it from the customer’s standpoint. Do you decide to buy something more if that’s will have real benefits for you, will solve real problems for you, or it is something that you really desire? Probably, you will not refuse such an offer.

#3 You are not a Sales Person. You are an Educator.

Sometimes it is better not to try to sell, but only to educate about what you want to sell.

Educate how you can solve different problems. Educate how you can help them. If you succeed in educating your existing customers, more sales will come.

#4 Recommend Additional Products and Services to Your Existing Customers

Why you do not try to recommend additional products or services while you make a sale to existing customers. You will not lose anything.

But, you need to recommend the real products for them. You need to know what will be most valuable for them while they are in buying mode.

#5 Give Them Free Samples of New Products

You don’t make pressure, you only give them a free sample of your fresh product that they can try. If they like it, they will come to buy more.

#6 Don’t Forget to Thank’s to Your Existing Customers, More Often

Always thank’s your existing customers. It doesn’t matter if they buy more or the same, or they didn’t buy anything. Thank’s them. If you show that they are important to you, they will be faithful to you and your business.

#7 Be One of Them, Not Outsider

The success of a business is based on the extent to which an entrepreneur can build a community around them. I will repeat, it’s community. There can’t be superiors and subordinates. There can’t be winners and losers.

The community exists because of people, human begins with shared values and interest.

If you want to sell more to your existing customers make them a part of your community, or simply become part of their community. You can’t lose anything. You can only increase your chance of success.

#8 Help Them, Even if They Are not Connected With Your Business

Your business is there where it is only because of your existing customer. If they are not with you, then you will lose your business.

Your primary job is to help them, even if the help is not connected with your business.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

Dragan Sutevski is a founder and CEO of Sutevski Consulting, creating business excellence through innovative thinking. Get more from Dragan on Twitter. Contact Dragan