Relevant Business Plan Instead of Perfect Business Plan

A business plan is still one of the most used tools from entrepreneurs to manage their everyday business activities and link the current situation with the entrepreneurial vision.

Simply, it is a useful roadmap that will bring your company close to the success you want to achieve.

But, reaching success is not as easy as it looks.

Why is it not so easy?

Simply, because a business plan often is prepared to be the perfect plan, that on the other side will increase the required time for the implementation.

Perfectionism and delaying things are one of the biggest enemies of an entrepreneur.

Because of that, you will need to make if you already don’t have a relevant business plan.

What is a relevant business plan?

A relevant business plan is:

perfect business plan
  1. The plan that has been created by your opportunities as an entrepreneur and as a business, in general. Everything starts with you. So, be sure that your business plan is based on your potential and the potential of your small business.
  2. The relevant business plan is the plan that is developed according to the market criteria and your targeted customers. The market where you offer your products and services will need to be covered with your business plan. You need to develop your next steps based on your target customers.
  3. It is a plan that will provide the realization of your entrepreneurial vision. This is an important thing that you want to achieve with your small business.
  4. The relevant business plan is a plan that will provide the realization of your primary business goals. Your vision will be achieved if you succeed in the achievement of your business goals.
  5. This is the plan with all of the specific steps for you as an entrepreneur and your team. The specific steps are one of the most critical segments of a business plan. This is your roadmap to success.
  6. Plan whose implementation can be quickly followed and measured. Why you need a plan if you don’t follow what you need to do?
  7. The plan that can ensure that each member of your business team knows what to do and when to do, why they should do, and what will be the results of those actions. Your business plan is not only for you but also for all your team members.
  8. The relevant business plan is the plan that will allow you to adjust your plan much more quickly. You will need to change and adapt your plan according to the situation in the field.
  9. A plan that will ensure taking actions as soon as possible. In the end, activities are things that matter, not the plans.

So, you don’t need a perfect business plan with whom you can never be fully satisfied. You need something that will provide a fast-starting of implementation and then be easily adjusted according to the feedback from the implementation process.

You, as an entrepreneur, don’t need the delaying and losing your time in the implementation of your strategic goals. You need something that will encourage you to take the first step towards the realization of these goals, a step that will look like a small step. It is still significant progress for your business, simply because you already make something, you are leaving the comfort of the status quo situation.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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