11 Most Important Management Tasks

Managing is one of the most important tasks in every business. Also, you as an entrepreneur will need to manage. Here you can find 11 most important management tasks.

Managerial Tasks

Sometimes entrepreneurs in the same time as addition to entrepreneurial job are doing managerial job. That means they also need to have some types of management tasks.

There are plenty of tasks that managers must accomplish in their daily work which purpose is to bring effectiveness and efficiency in their business or organization.

Here is one list of most important managerial tasks.

Management Task #1: Coaching

One of the most important management task is coaching. They must be the persons who will show to the employees the right direction where the organization will need to go. They are simply instructors and trainers.

The goal is to develop business with great business potential energy in all business members.

Management Task #2: Planning

Planning is one of the management functions and one of the most important everyday tasks of managers.

They are the persons who plan the future of the company and think about all future activities that will need to be accomplished from organizational members.

Management Task #3: Change Agent

In reality, you can’t find even one day in business without change.

A successful change process will need strong change agents, person who will initiate and facilitate the whole process.

The whole process needs to be planned and managed if you want to bring desired results. Managers in the same time must ensure that the company will continue with the current success level and prepare to implement change that will the bring future success.

Management Task #4: Forecasting the Future

Forecasting is another managerial task that will provide a picture of how the future will look like from the business perspective.

This managerial task is very important, because if we have the better picture for the future, we can better prepare for that future.

Management Task #5: Motivating Employees

Employees must be motivated if you want to receive the best results from their work. You can’t find the person who will work for nothing.

All employees have some type of motivational factors that will lead them to make better results. But, these motivational factors are different for each employee.

One of the management tasks is optimizing that motivation and to maximize the working performances of the employees. Motivating is another managerial function.

Management Task #6: Organizing

Organizing is also one of the management functions aside from planning and motivating. Without some level of organizing, in your company will exist chaos.

In businesses with more employees there will be different ideas, different ways of doing things and different habits of the people.

Organizing is a management task that will make all organizational differentiations to work as one whole – the business.

Management Task #7: Staffing

Staffing is another managerial function. Because the organizational members, or simply said people is one of the most important resources for today’s businesses this task becomes very important for managers.

Selecting the right staff for the business is the heart of enabling successful company’s future operations. A better staff will mean higher business potential energy in the business.

Management Task #8: Controlling

Controlling is also one of the managerial function like planning, motivating, organizing, and staffing.

This task is something that will give managers the picture for possible mistakes and fail between planning and actual realization.

The goal is to minimize the deviation between something that’s planned to be and something that becomes the reality.

Management Task #9: Negotiating

Another important managerial task is negotiating. In the business world, there are two types of negotiations: internal and external negotiations.

Internal negotiation is when managers negotiate with the entities from inside the businesses. External negotiation is when managers negotiate with external entities that are outside company as suppliers, customers, and community.

The better negotiation skills of managers will increase overall business potential energy of the business.

Management Task #10: Delegation

Successful managers know how to delegate the right tasks to the right people.

We cannot find the perfect manager. Delegating the tasks to the lower levels is something that differentiates successful managers from the average and below average managers.

The delegation process is a combination of different knowledge and experience that will bring better accomplishment of the tasks.

Management Task #11: Representing

The last but not the less important managerial task is implementing the representative role of the manager.

The managers represent business that they manage.

How they look, how they talk, how they walk, and how they think will build the picture of the business in the eyes of the people from outside the businesses.