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5 Tips to Complete Everything on Your To-Do List

checking to-do list

One way that we can know that our productivity is better is when we start finishing everything that we put on our to-do list.

On the other side, to-do list serves us as a tool that improves our productivity because they ensure our better focus and the right tasks with the right order that we need to finish.

In practice, you can find yourself in a position when you can’t complete everything on your to-do list. It’s a very frustrating situation, especially when you know that tomorrow you have other tasks that need to be done. In such a way, after some period to-do list can become very massive lists of tasks, and probably you will start to ignore some of your tasks or even worse to ignore the to-do list.

How to complete everything that you have on your to-do list? This is not a simple task, and too many persons fail into the trap where they never complete all that is planned.

#1 Are you committed enough?

If you are committed that, something must be done it is more likely that you will start doing something to complete that item on your list.

Otherwise, without commitment, your brain will easily our ignore some of the tasks with a simple explanation that it will be completed tomorrow. And so on, day after day you will schedule and reschedule until you realize that you cannot complete more than half of your tasks. That’s not productive thinking.

Because of that, as the first thing in your efforts to complete everything on your to-do list is to look at all of the tasks on the list, and ask yourself are you committed enough for each of them.

#2 Do you know the priority?

As a human person, you will have too many things, too many tasks, too many ideas that need to be implemented… However, you have limited time. You can’t do everything.

On the other side, there will be always something more important than other activities on your to-do list.

Prioritization will provide you to start with the most important tasks and activities.

#3 How much time you have?

The time that you have is limited to 24 hours daily. That 24 hours need to include sleeping, leisure, time with family, watching TV…

When you know how much time you have to implement the daily activities, you can divide those activities according to the time which will enable completion of them.

For example, if you know you have only 6 hours for your to-do list you will design your to-do list with the tasks that will need only 6 hours for completion.

#4 Can you delegate something?

It is interesting how human persons want to be able to hold a monopoly on their own tasks. If you have someone who can do it something for you, why don’t delegate that tasks?

If some of your activities are with less priority for you, then you can simply delegate them.

#5 Are your lists optimized according to your capacity?

As another opportunity to complete everything on your to-do list is to maintain highly optimized list according to yourself.

Highly optimized lists are lists that will be made according to the owner of the list, or more precisely according to capacity and capabilities of the owners.

Even you want to complete the 100 tasks in one day, your time, your capacity and your capabilities will not allow you to succeed in that. You can complete probably only 15 of them.

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