5 Ways to Boost Your Business Power Through Promotions

If your business is doing OK but is having trouble in attracting new customers, then think about how well-timed promotions can work wonders.

There’s nothing like a competition or freebie offer to spark the imagination of an audience, so here’s a look at how promotions play an essential part in the activities of any successful business.

Business Power Through Promotions

Social media promotions power for your business

Whilst promotional activity in the physical world used to be an expensive business, digital technologies have given us all a far easier way to reach our target demographic.

Nowhere is this more visible than through the power of social media. There are millions of people that can connect with your small business brand and become your customers, or a better stronger promoter.

A well-timed Facebook post announcing a flash sale can quickly reach huge amounts of people. Also, don’t underestimate how visual social media apps like Instagram can make the announcement of a new product seem so much more exciting.

The platforms exist, you need to use them in the right way and attract as much as possible people around your brand.

Promo code offers as your promotions efforts

As most online shoppers are now familiar with how promotions with discount codes are a big part of the modern retail experience, it’s worthwhile thinking about how to include them in your campaign.

business power promotions

Facebook has recently introduced their Offers campaigns that make it relatively easy for even the smallest businesses to attract new customers through releasing a limited amount of promo codes.

Attracting new customers with promotions

It’s best to not just focus on just one kind of promotion in your marketing campaign. The online gaming site LadyLucks have implemented many kinds of promotions as part of their attempts to attract new customers.

Similarly, companies like Airbnb have introduced a “refer-a-friend” scheme that grants travel credits as a reward for bringing more people to use its accommodation service.

Email promotions

Whilst email marketing as possible promotion might seem a little passé in light of the all-consuming power of social media, it’s still worthwhile to make joining your mailing list as tempting as possible.

Many firms like the sportswear firm, Vans, have found success in giving customers 10% off their chosen product as a result of signing up to the company’s mailing list. Email promotions really work. You don’t need to escape such a possibility.

Physical events as promotions of your small business

And finally, although it might not work for all companies, there’s nothing like promotions as putting on a special event in a physical space to really make an impact with your core audience.

Obviously, we might not be able to do something on the same scale as H&M when they opened their new stores, but local events, promo codes, and social media activity can all play a part in a successful promotional campaign.

Dragan Sutevski

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