50 Recommendations for Long-Term Customer Relationship

Long-term customer relationship simply means that you work on building relationship with your customers in order to create high-level loyalty for your company. That’s the best that your business can get on the road to success.

Long-term customer relationship can boost your sales, increase number of customers and improve your overall business potential energy.

It’s easier and cost-effective to sell to existing customers than to bring new one as a first and then sell to them. If your business has large customer base, and you keep them as customers,  then it will be more and more profitable.

So, here are my 50 recommendations for long-term customer relationship.

  1. As a first, put yourself in a their position.
  2. Design long-term plan and strategy for building customer’s loyalty.
  3. Start implementing the plan and the strategy.
  4. Work on continuous improvement of that plans and strategies.
  5. Don’t expect to sell from the first time.
  6. Don’t make static offer, give them options to choose.
  7. Be patient.
  8. Be honest as much as possible with them.
  9. Become their friend.
  10. Inform them in real-time about most important things.
  11. Implement two-way communication channels in all your communication tolls.
  12. Use social media to talk with potential customers.
  13. Ask for ideas about possible improvements of your products and/or services. Customers have their own secrets and if you don’t ask them, they will not tell you.
  14. Use surveys.
  15. Use contact or feedback form on your web site.
  16. Use database to track what customers tell you about your business.
  17. Tell him about your improvements that come from their mouth.
  18. Tell him about everything that is improved and ask for their feedback.
  19. Be one of them.
  20. Build your business around strong trust.
  21. Contact them regularly.
  22. Use personal language when you contact them.
  23. Be human, not a business, for the moment.
  24. Be yourself.
  25. Ask them for help when you need it.
  26. Be focused on most profitable customers.
  27. Use 80/20 Rule to identify the most important customers.
  28. Show your respect for most important customers.
  29. Reward the most important customers.
  30. Don’t tell them, educate them about differences between your business and competitors.
  31. Listening is the mother of building long-term relationship.
  32. Respect them.
  33. Understand them.
  34. Let’s your business be a real problem solver.
  35. Solve real problems not the symptoms.
  36. Educate your staff about different relationships with your customers.
  37. Invest in people who are the best.
  38. Equip adequately your employees to do their jobs.
  39. In conversation with them start answer with Yes and then explanations. Never start with No as an answer.
  40. Use customer satisfaction policy to provide quick ways for a solution of their problems.
  41. Ask them to participate in product development.
  42. Add value in each contact point with them.
  43. Redesign all your marketing campaigns to be more customer friendly.
  44. Be consistent in everything that you are doing.
  45. Keep learning everything about them.
  46. When you promise something deliver that.
  47. Always thanks them for their purchases.
  48. Share your knowledge with them.
  49. Always think how you and your business can be more useful for them.
  50. Always think strategically to build long-term customer relationships.

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