100+ Blog Post Ideas for Your Business Blog

In the last weeks, I start with topics about blogging for business. As we know it is an important thing for today’s businesses, but in the same time it is not an easy task for the entrepreneurs.

The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs from my experience is to have a pool of ideas for their posts. Because blogging is not a one-time task for business, you as an entrepreneur will need starting point ideas to ensure that your blog will be alive for a longer period.

How much topics you will need depends on the frequency of publishing them. If you publish each day, you will need more ideas. However, the important thing is your commitment to start blogging for business and your consistency to succeed. The consistency will ask from you to publish more post.

Here are more than hundred ideas that can help you to start and make your own plan for the next several months of your blogging experience. I want to mention that some of the ideas you can easily transform in several more titles that you can schedule for the future.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is your business?
  3. Why you or your business is important for the readers or potential customers?
  4. Show your business team behind your company.
  5. Explain problems that your business solves.
  6. Describe your ideal customer.
  7. Describe the needs of your ideal customers.
  8. Describe the industry in which run your business.
  9. Describe the market in which run your business.
  10. Talk about industry trends.
  11. Talk about market trends.
  12. Publish pictures of your products.
  13. Publish pictures of your working environment.
  14. Publish pictures of your business buildings.
  15. Publish pictures of your employees.
  16. Publish pictures of your employees with your customers.
  17. Post written Interview with some of your most satisfied customers.
  18. Post video interviews with some of your most satisfied customers.
  19. Publish your public speaking.
  20. Show how your products solve customer’s problems.
  21. Publish a list of problems that your customers have.
  22. Publish a list of solutions that solve your customer’s problems.
  23. Create several types of tutorial posts connected with your industry.
  24. Answer questions that your customers ask you.
  25. What benefits your customers will have if they build a strong relationship with you and your business?
  26. Ask a question on social media and write a post with different answers that you will collect.
  27. Write a review about products that’s not connected with your business, and you think it something useful for your customers.
  28. Write something about the most important achievements of your business in the past.
  29. Describe how your products and services evolve over time.
  30. Make a list of several great books from your industry.
  31. Explain how your business contributes to the environmental protection.
  32. Try to make a sketch of the future for your customers.
  33. Show the possible ways of future development of your products and services.
  34. Comment some interesting news from media.
  35. Ask question and encourage readers to answer commenting on your blog post.
  36. Make a post with different answers from the earlier idea.
  37. Find interesting video materials from YouTube and embed them into your post.
  38. Make a survey and embed it on your blog post.
  39. Publish the analysis of the results from the survey from the earlier idea.
  40. Take your most visited blog posts and make a list of them in new one.
  41. Write about topics that your business blog deal with.
  42. Write about future topics that your business blog will have in the future.
  43. Write a manual about your products and services.
  44. Write about all possible ways how potential customers can contact you and build a relationship with you.
  45. Publish promotion posts.
  46. Make contests and give free giveaway.
  47. Write and publish different series of post about different challenges.
  48. Write something about your past business experience building and developing your business.
  49. What make you different from your competitors?
  50. Make different case studies connected with your business.
  51. Promise something that you will realize in the next time.
  52. Write about shipping of your promise.
  53. Reasons why you value your readers.
  54. Add more human dimension of your blog presenting the family behind your business.
  55. Interview experts from your industry.
  56. Publish a list of the best Web sites from your industry.
  57. Think about mistakes that other people make, and publish a post explaining them and how readers can avoid them.
  58. Explain what you readers will receive if they subscribe to your email list.
  59. Make research about something in your industry and publish the results of it.
  60. Find different lessons from the history and make a blog post about them.
  61. Find inspirational quotes and make a post with a list of quotes.
  62. Find inspirational quote and write a comment about lessons that readers can learn.
  63. Make a comparison between your and competitor’s products.
  64. Make a video demonstration of your products and services.
  65. Find some old post and write a different view on the key points in it.
  66. Find blog posts from other companies or bloggers and promote it in your blog post giving additional value.
  67. Brainstorm great ideas about something that your customers can use it.
  68. Changes that you make to improve your business and overall customers experience.
  69. Publish different success stories of your customers.
  70. How your readers can increase productivity?
  71. How your readers can improve their personal life?
  72. Make a list of advises that you can give to your readers and potential customers.
  73. How we can improve our lives.
  74. Highlight the most important days in the year for your customers and your readers as promotions , deals, fair participation…
  75. Make a resource post with a list of resources that you use.
  76. Write a thanks post to every person that is important for you and your business.
  77. Make a video as a screen cast demonstration.
  78. Make presentation and publish it as a video, transcript and presentation.
  79. Publish posts about events where you or your business team have visited.
  80. Publish a video as behind the scenes of your business.
  81. Show how you produce your products and services as a video.
  82. Write a post about your passion and how it impacts your business.
  83. Publish a post with a list of causes for which you care about.
  84. Write a case study connected with your customer’s service.
  85. What tools or software you use that make your life easier.
  86. Explain the current shipping procedure and what you make today to improve it.
  87. Write about your social media presence and invite your readers to connect with you.
  88. Complete a list of all improvements that you made in your business and ask for a reader’s opinion.
  89. How customers can find you? Make a route of direction to where your potential customers can find you.
  90. Show different methodologies that you use in your business.
  91. Explain how you make your employees satisfied to be part of your business.
  92. Why you have started your business?
  93. Write a humorous post that will encourage laughing of your readers.
  94. How is looking one of your average days in your business?
  95. Write a post with beautiful pictures of places where you have traveled.
  96. How you succeed to be an entrepreneur and parent in the same time?
  97. Write about applications that you use on your mobile phone and ask readers to share theirs.
  98. Make a list of the most useful mobile phone apps from the reader’s viewpoint based on the answers from the earlier post idea.
  99. Write a detailed review or tutorial for some of the most useful mobile apps on your mobile phone.
  100. What’s your biggest fears and how you plan to overcome them?
  101. Ask your readers what they want to be improved in your products, services or business in general.
  102. Write a list of things based on the earlier post idea that you will improve in the future based on priority.
  103. Write a post about each improvement that you made based on previous two post ideas.
  104. Find most valuable comments on your old blog posts and publish it as new one with additional value from your side.
  105. Publish a post about commenter of the month and the award that it will receive.

If you have something more, please do not hesitate to share your ideas commenting below the post.

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